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Alternative medicine massage is a catchall general title for all categories of treatment therapies that use massage as a core method of healing, easing, preventing, and alleviating pain, stress, soft tissue damage, and other maladies. At the same time, alternative medicine massage—used when and where other therapeutic and medicinal measure fall short—is used as a means to proactive and positive ends, meeting the goals and needs of patients in a number of different therapeutic and healing environs.

For example, medical massage and orthopedic massage therapy both take on problem-focused goals, ameliorating problems caused in accident or injury. In particular, both emphasize soft-tissue rehabilitation and subsequent relieving of pain and/or dysfunction.

Likewise, general alternative medicine massage is a hands-on method of therapeutic treatment involving a rehabilitation and/or a maintenance of skeletal, muscular, lymphatic and nervous system functioning—while the more specific therapeutic alternative medicine massage emphasizes manipulation (also hands-on) of tissues to alleviate pain, reduce and eliminate stress, and encourage wellness and well-being.

So in the case of alternative medicine massage, the goals are set to be reachable, to have positive results that positively affect the life of the client, and to be relevant and reflective of what the client needs, whether he/she needs extensive rehabilitation or monthly health maintenance. And in most cases (according to trial analyses and systematic studies) the goals are satisfactorily met.

Medicine > Alternative Medicine Massage