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Fish Oil: Benefits and Recommendations

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Fish oil is fast becoming one of the top dietary supplements on the market today. This specialty product contains a number of fatty acids and also Omega-3, which promotes heart health. But what are some of the benefits of taking fish oil? Is this product for everyone?

Although complete research is still ongoing, there have been a number of benefits to taking fish oil as a supplement to a healthy diet. The most popular belief is that the product helps to prevent heart disease. This includes the prevention of heart attacks, strokes and angina. It is believed the use of fish oil helps to lower blood pressure, reduces a person's susceptibility to arrhythmia and lower triglyceride levels.

Some researchers believe that increasing the amount of fish oil in a person's diet can reduce the chances of developing Alzheimer's disease. Some studies have shown that people suffering from Alzheimer's have consistently lower levels of the Omega-3 nutrient their diet than their healthier counterparts. It is, however, important to note that studies regarding the effect of fish oil on Alzheimer's disease are still ongoing.

Other studies have shown that the intake of fish oil on a regular basis can aid in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels in people whose levels are within normal ranges. The product has also been known to promote healthy kidneys, joints and brain activity.

Who should use fish oil? People who have a history of heart attacks and/or coronary artery disease are encouraged to increase their levels of Omega-3 by eating fish or using a dietary supplement. People with high triglyceride levels are also encouraged to use fish oil for its Omega-3 benefits. The nutrients lower the levels of fat in the blood.

Those who suffer from joint pain and/or arthritis can benefit from fish oil. The product has an anti-inflammatory effect which can reduce the swelling and stiffness in the joints.

Is fish oil for everyone? The answer is no. A side effect of fish oil is the blood's decreased ability to clot. People with bleeding disorders as well as those taking medication for hypertension or other problems should not take the product.

The amount of fish oil intake should also be monitored. Large amounts can cause glucose levels in the body to rise which would adversely affect those with diabetes. Excessive amounts of the product can cause nausea, diarrhea and belching.

All of the pros and cons of fish oil have not been discovered yet. As with any dietary product, a person should use caution. Consult a physician before beginning any dietary regiment.

Specialty Products > Benefits and Recommendations