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Feeling your best

Aging > Feeling your best

Feeling your best is not only about how you look to yourself and others, it is also about how fit you are inside in terms of your physical and emotional health. Consider some of the following suggestions to look and feel your best each day.

Aging no longer carries so much of the negative connotations it once did. Given the alternative, aging is what we all hope for. The key to feeling your best with aging is you. The care you provide for your body, mind and spirit can slow or hasten your aging process.

How you feel, as well as how you feel about yourself, affects virtually every aspect of your life. Following are some important reminders for feeling your best and aging with grace.

• Get adequate rest each evening.

If you are having trouble sleeping

1. Set a regular bedtime and bedtime routine
2. Avoid exercise and alcohol within three hours of bedtime
3. Avoid caffeine several hours before bedtime
4. Remove the television from the bedroom
5. Take a warm bath or shower
6. Set the thermostat around 65 degrees.
7. Avoid the news or other stressful programming at bedtime
8. Keep a journal to record and release worries
9. Experiment with what works best

• Visit your health care professional at least annually.
Aging can bring a host of health concerns that prevent you from feeling your best. Regular physical examinations will help you navigate the aging in maximum health. Make sure to talk with your doctor about tests that are required for your age, family history and gender.

• Eat a balanced diet
Some dietary and caloric needs change with aging. For example, women need more calcium to ward off osteoporosis. The basics do not change with aging. You will still need to take in a variety of fruits and vegetables each day. Try to limit fats and processed foods. Enjoy junk food in moderation. Talk with your doctor about particular concerns, such as high blood pressure and diabetes as they relate to diet.

• Maintain a positive attitude
Your attitude will shape your experience of aging. Feeling your best concerns not only your physical health, but also your emotional health. The accumulation of years can provide a broad and clear perspective from which to view your life. What have you accomplished that makes you proud? What are your goals? How have your experiences shaped the person you have become? What is important to you? Aging brings a clarity, confidence and self-possession that allows for honest reflection. Use this vantage point to plan and do the things that help you feel your best. Aging doesn’t mean you have it all figured out. It means you are still here and you still have time. Use it well.

Aging > Feeling your best