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Types of Anti Aging Medicine

Aging > Types of Anti Aging Medicine

Anti aging medicine can be an effective treatment against wrinkles and other skin problems relating to aging. There are many different types of anti aging medicine available, everything from Botox to vitamins designed to slow the aging process. Before taking any type of anti aging medicine internally, be sure to visit your doctor and ensure that it will not cause any problems with existing medication that you may already be taking.

Botox is one of the most popular types of anti aging medicine available today. The treatment must be performed in a doctor’s office, and involves injecting Botox into areas of the face which are particularly prone to wrinkles. The muscles that control facial movement become temporarily paralyzed and typically lasts up to six months. The procedure is relatively simple and there are few possible complications. You should discuss these with your doctor before considering getting a Botox treatment. When Botox first became available on the market, the typically clientele consisted mainly of people who already had deep wrinkles, most often on their forehead or around their eyes. However, Botox is becoming a popular anti aging medicine with people in their 20s and early 30s as well. Botox prevent the facial muscles from moving, and therefore wrinkles are less likely to develop at a younger age. This can become a very expensive habit however since Botox treatments are fairly expensive and need to be done several times a year.

Another advancement in anti aging medicine products is multi-vitamins designed especially for their anti aging qualities. These anti aging vitamins can help you with a variety of skin problems. If you plan on taking any of these vitamins as an anti aging medicine, you should be sure to check that you are not already taking them in another multi-vitamin.

There are many other types of anti aging medicine products available on the market. If you have any doubts about the safety of any of these products do not hesitate to make an appointment with your doctor or dermatologist. They can best determine if any anti aging medicine will interfere with medication you are already taking or will be beneficial for your skin type.

Aging > Types of Anti Aging Medicine