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Children’s Health and Sugar

Childrens Health > Children’s Health and Sugar

Your children’s health is something that you are responsible for and therefore you are probably doing everything that you can to make sure that they have a healthy lifestyle. But what about the amount of sugars, fats, and caffeine that your children are consuming each day, many times without you even being aware of it. If your children are asking for soda pop and making a fuss about the milk then you should take some time to look at their diet and what they are putting into their bodies.

The average North American diet consists of foods that are high in sugars, caffeine, and fats. Your children’s health is being affected by this enormous amount of food that offers no nutritional value to what they are eating, but instead is having an negative impact on their entire lifestyle. Children today have more incidences of obesity than children of any other generation. Maybe it’s time to take control of your children’s health and what they are eating. There are many ways that you can reduce the amount of sugar, caffeine, and fat in your children’s diet.

The first thing, that you as a parent need to do, is to know exactly what foods in your children’s diet contain the sugar, caffeine, and fat. Sugar is hidden in beverages (such as soda pop), in fruit juice, cookies, candy, and desserts. Fruits contain sugar as well but the vitamins and fiber that the fruit contains is beneficial and shouldn’t be eliminated from your children’s diet. When it comes to your children’s health you need to know what foods contain caffeine. You definitely want to limit the amount of caffeine foods that are in your children’s daily diet. Caffeine can be found in soda poop (in particular colas), coffee, tea. Make sure that your children are given other choices as drink options so that you can reduce the caffeine that they are exposed to, as well as cut down on the sugar that they are consuming. Fats are found in all types of foods and you will have to make the effort to keep track of these fats and try to offer healthy alternative choices.

Your children’s health is in your hands and it’s up to you to take charge of what they are eating. It may take some time to make changes in your children’s diet but after some time and determination you, and they, will notice a difference in their energy levels and behavior.

Childrens Health > Children’s Health and Sugar