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Children’s Health: The Chicken Pox

Childrens Health > Children’s Health: The Chicken Pox

Part of your children’s health is coping with the chicken pox when it comes around. If you have more than one child most times the chicken pox will affect first one child and immediately after the other children will get the chicken pox. Although it may seem like it will take forever for your family to recover from this childhood disease, it is actually in your favor that the chicken pox has finished with your home all at one time. Generally chicken pox only affects your children for one time, so getting it over with in all your children will mean that you won’t have to go through it again at a later time.

Your children’s health won’t be threatened by the chicken pox but they certainly will be uncomfortable. Your children will have red dots and bumps over their body. The severity and frequency of these bumps will be different from child to child. The red bumps will fill with fluid and a blister will remain behind until it is healed. Chicken pox is contagious during this stage when the red bumps are not yet healed. Your children will be contagious for three to five days. After the red bumps heal they become scabs and then fall off, or in many cases, they are scratched off. You should try to make sure that your children don’t scratch off the scabs, as doing so can affect your children’s health by leaving behind scars.

The red bumps, or rash, will be found on your children’s chest, stomach, face, scalp, and many times even in the mouth. Itching is probably the worst effect from the chicken pox and many times makes young children very irritable and uncomfortable. You can try to cut your children’s fingernails so that there is less chance of them scratching and leaving scars. If your children have chicken pox in their mouth you might want to feed them only soft foods, such as eggs or soups. Make sure that your children drink plenty of fluids while they have chicken pox. Consult with your doctor if the symptoms from the chicken pox seem unusual or severe. The important thing is to protect your children’s health.

Childrens Health > Children’s Health: The Chicken Pox