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Children’s Health: The Common Cold

Childrens Health > Children’s Health: The Common Cold

No matter what you do your children’s health is going to be affected by the common cold no matter what preventions you take to avoid it. The common cold can sometimes cause some health complications but most times is just a nuisance to have around. Your children may be very irritable and uncomfortable but at least it will only be for a short period of time. Your children’s health and immune system will grow stronger each time that they overcome the common cold. While in the first years of your children’s lives it may seem as though they always have colds, the frequency will lessen as your children grow older.

The best thing that you can do for your children’s health while they have a cold is to keep them comfortable and monitor the severity of the cold. If the cold is still present after a week’s time, or if complications occur, be sure to contact your doctor for an appointment. Most times the cold will just be a small one that may linger and linger. Since your children’s health is in your hands it’s up to you to treat the symptoms of the cold in the best way that you can.

Keep your children comfortable by giving them lots to drink to battle dehydration and fever. Offer them cold Popsicles or very cold fruit juices so that they get all the fluids they need to fight the cold. You can buy cold remedies over the counter but try to avoid them until you have spoken with your doctor. Raise your children’s pillow at night to help them breathe easier. Keep in mind that you should not raise a pillow underneath a very young child or baby.

As you take care of your children’s health while they have a cold it’s important to keep in mind that get plenty of rest and quiet. The more rest your children get the more prepared their body is to fight off the infection and heal itself.

Childrens Health > Children’s Health: The Common Cold