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AIDS- A Killer Disease

Conditions > AIDS- A Killer Disease

AIDS refers to Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, which is due to the human immunodeficiency virus commonly known as HIV virus. This virus slowly and steadily destroys the cells of the immune system of the body. Now the body is an easy prey to infections and serious diseases. AIDS is growing at alarming rates all over the world. You can change its course by taking the necessary precautions.

AIDS is contracted through three main ways-firstly through unprotected sex with an infected partner, secondly through infected blood transfusion and thirdly by sharing the same syringe or needle for injections. In all the cases, transfer of the HIV virus is imminent. An infected mother can pass it to her baby during pregnancy, at childbirth and through breast-feeding. There is significant reduction in transmission when the mother takes AZT drug during pregnancy and delivers through the cesarean section.

Sharing of clothes or other household items does not spread AIDS. If your sexual partner has an infection of any other sexually transmitted disease, there are greater chances of you getting the infection of HIV. There are very few symptoms of this disease like flu type of fever, which may pass off for a viral fever. However, the virus is working round the clock inside your system and destroying your immune system.

AIDS detection is almost in the last stages when the HIV has completely routed out your immune system. You will experience loss of body weight, lack of energy, pelvic inflammations and rashes, memory losses and the worst part is that you will not be able to take in any treatment. Of late, therapies and drugs are making some headway in the treatment of the HIV virus.

Prevention is better than cure. Follow this principle to avoid the risks of AIDS. It is best to abstain from unprotected sex or use only latex male condoms for the best security. Never share injection syringes and needles.

Conditions > AIDS- A Killer Disease