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Cancer- Information, Research and Treatment

Conditions > Cancer- Information, Research and Treatment

When some cells of your body multiply at an abnormal rate and continue doing so, you have cancer. Though it is difficult to point to any one particular cause of cancer, the general telltale signs are many. Some of them are changes in bowel habits, difficulty in swallowing your food, very slow healing of wounds and sores, persistent sore throat and hoarseness, mole changes, unusual body discharges, etc.

The irony is that cancer is curable if detected in the early stages. Once it starts spreading, it just spreads like wild fire and the end comes soon. Therefore, it is better to have a complete check up even with minor symptoms. Easy detection and that too at home is possible for all the different types of this disease.

You can examine your mouth, gums and teeth for any ulcers or also check your body for any unexplained lumps anywhere to detect any early settings of cancer. Women can examine their breasts for any lumps or hardness of any regions.

You can take some precautionary measures by adhering to regular exercises and having a healthy diet. It is best to stay away from smoking, drinking and consumption of tobacco. Keep a control over your body weight and the stress factor. You should consume a lot of water. There is no specific cure for this dreaded disease. Chemotherapy treatment does offer some relief, though it has a lot many side effects such as excessive tiredness and paleness in the body.

There are a few headways into the treatment and cure of cancer in recent years. Scientists all over the world are putting efforts towards the cure. Extensive research in this area is sure to yield good results.

Conditions > Cancer- Information, Research and Treatment