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Conditions and Diseases of Cancer

Conditions > Conditions and Diseases of Cancer

The conditions and diseases of cancer are so extensive and broad that it is easy to see what an epidemic cancer has become in our society. Cancer refers to so many different types of cancer and to date there are over 100 cancers that are known to doctors. Cancer, and its conditions and diseases, has to do with the living cells of the body. Cancer occurs when the cells of the body multiply and begin to grow in a way that is not controlled. The normal cells in the body will grow, divide, and die over a period of time. The cancerous cells never die, but continue to grow and divide until they form tumors, which are lumps of tissue that will interfere with the way that the body functions. When tumor cells break away from the tumor and also divide, traveling to a different organ or area of the body it is called metastasis.

It is not quite certain how people get cancer, or the conditions and diseases that are associated with it. There are some ideas as to why people get cancer, but none of these theories are as of yet founded in truth. Some doctors think that genetics may play a part in who gets cancer and who avoids it. Other specialists think that environmental issues play a huge part in getting cancer. Still another theory is that some types of cancer are inherited, meaning that you have genes that are predisposed to cancer. Cigarettes are known to increase your chances of getting lung cancer and too much sun exposure is known to cause certain types of skin cancer. No matter what the cause of cancer is the conditions and diseases that are related to cancer are huge and of great concern to scientists everywhere.

Many times it is difficult to know if you have cancer, as it can go undetected for long periods of time. Since the conditions and diseases related to cancer are so vast you may overlook symptoms that could be indications of almost any other type of disease. Some signs that you should look for are: sudden tiredness, lumps or swelling in certain areas of the body, vision that is blurred, dizziness and balance problems, or headaches.

Conditions > Conditions and Diseases of Cancer