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Conditions and Diseases That Affect the Heart

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There are many conditions and diseases that affect your heart. Many times these conditions and diseases are brushed off as being irrelevant to heart disease or being too complicated a disease of their own to be a condition that affects a healthy heart. These conditions and diseases should be mentioned so that you can be more aware of how to keep your heart healthy.

The following conditions and diseases can have a direct impact on the condition of your heart:

  • Diabetes. Diabetes is one of the conditions and diseases that can directly affect your heart because of all the complications that can go hand in hand with diabetes. Anytime there is a complication with diabetes there is added stress to the heart. If you have diabetes be sure to monitor it daily and keep track of your blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood glucose levels.
  • Cholesterol. Another one of the conditions and diseases that affect the heart is cholesterol. There are both good and bad cholesterols that can affect your heart in different ways. It is a good idea that you learn how to manage your own cholesterol blood levels. You can maintain and control your cholesterol by eating correctly and leading an active lifestyle.
  • High blood pressure. Many times people will have high blood pressure, which is one of the conditions and diseases that can have a huge affect on the heart, and not even know that they have it. It is important to monitor your blood pressure since high blood pressure can lead to a heart attack, stroke, heart failure, or kidney failure.
  • Congestive heart failure. This is another one of the conditions and diseases that can affect the heart in a frightening way. There is no cure for congestive heart failure. If you have been diagnosed with this disease you will have to adjust your lifestyle.

The above conditions and diseases have an affect on your heart and will determine what type of medical treatment you will have to follow in order to live a healthy life.

Weight Loss and your Heart

Is your extra weight killing you? If you are over weight and inactive you make be asking for a heart attack. With the number of over weight people in our country that now exceeds the million mark doctors warn that we are headed down a dangerous path to serious heart disease. 

Obesity is out of control, and the medical profession claims that unless we shed the pounds it will effect our hearts. Recent studies show that our children are over weight and they don’t get enough exercise. And whom do we blame? With our high tech world of video and fast foods, it is not hard to figure out why. The average child eats out three times a week, and the only exercise they are getting is in gym class at school.

Not only is being over weight uncomfortable in a persons daily life, it can cause serious health issues. We need to start from the beginning and relearn how to take care of our bodies. I once heard from a doctor that people treat their cars better then their bodies. Taking into consideration what we put in out mouths these days, it is no wonder this opinion is on the table in most medical discussion groups.

The heart and stroke association has set up simple guide lines to determine your proper weight range, and the level of exercise that you should be doing in a day. You should know your own body and be aware of weight gain before it become a serious issue. If you cut your daily intake of calories by 200 and walk for thirty minutes you will shed pounds and take the extra pressure of your heart.

Bonnie Stern has a wonderful cook book out for heart healthy eating and it is recommended by doctors for a proper eating plan. Don’t wait until it is to late shed the pounds that may be killing you slowly.

Conditions > Conditions and Diseases That Affect the Heart