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Cystic Fibrosis Disease- Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Conditions > Cystic Fibrosis Disease- Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

A disorder of the genes of your body, which severely affects your respiratory and digestive systems is cystic fibrosis. Since it is generally from birth, the infants and children develop infections of the lung and have problems with eating and digesting food. It is though not necessary that the genetic disorder will develop into cystic fibrosis. In many cases, the infants are just carriers of this disease.

The common symptom of cystic fibrosis is that mucus forms and blocks the airways and all the cells are not able to carry along the required water and salts to the different parts of the body. This helps in the growth and multiplication of the bacteria. Your white blood cells put up a valiant fight against these bacteria. However, they too die and their bodies mingle with the mucus thereby aggravating the problem.

The cystic fibrosis patients have to clean up their respiratory systems regularly with certain types of body positions and clapping of the chest and the back to clear up the congestion. This also leads to certain pancreatic diseases and problems. Though a full cure is not in sight, yet there are a few remedies. You can hold up a specific pipe, which allows you to exhale through it. This has a special valve inside it which causes changes in the air pressure within your pipe way and helps in pushing away the mucus from the air pipe. This will ease your breathing.

Alternatively, you can take certain drugs, which will reduce the sedimentation of your white blood cells with your mucus. This will reduce your lung infection and you will feel much better. The latest addition is the antibiotics, which can work wonders for you when you take them as injections or even in tablet or capsule form. However, this is both expensive and causes damage to your heart and kidney. The best course is to take various pancreatic enzymes to supplement your requirements along with a balanced diet.

Conditions > Cystic Fibrosis Disease- Symptoms, Causes and Treatment