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Hepatitis- An Epidemic for Anyone

Conditions > Hepatitis- An Epidemic for Anyone

Hepatitis refers to liver inflammation due to infections through bacteria, fungus, virus, and parasites or even through noninfectious substances like toxins and medications. Hepatitis can prove to be fatal if there is no proper medication/medical care at the appropriate time. You can see different and varied faces of the disease in different people. For some it may be a mild infection while for some it may come with a big bang and may not even give enough time for medication.

The general symptoms of Hepatitis are excessive vomiting, dehydration of the mucous membranes, lack of refilling of the capillaries, lack of appetite, nausea, etc. When the infection starts settling in, you will find discoloring of your tympanic membranes, yellow color of your skin with rashes and your liver will become very soft and swollen. At times, doctors mistakenly diagnose it for tumor in the liver.

Hepatitis is of many different types. Type A is mainly due to the contamination of food through feces. Type E is the severe case of the same. Type B is the culprit behind jaundice and occurs due to excessive weakness or even by injection. The more severe form of this is Type D, which lead to a complete breakdown of the liver. If you inject intravenously with shared needles, you stand a chance of Type C of Hepatitis. This surfaces at a late stage and is responsible for gobbling up your liver and further leads you to liver cancer. Type F virus is similar to Types A and E. However, Type G is the main suspect behind most of the sexually transmitted diseases.

You can vaccine yourself against Types A, B and D viruses of Hepatitis while Types B and C find relief in drugs and medication. The other types necessitate quitting or reversal of your habits like reducing or stopping intake of alcohol, refusing to share needles of injections, etc. In most cases, with prompt medical treatment, you can regain your liver.

Conditions > Hepatitis- An Epidemic for Anyone