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Kidney Disease- Causes and Conditions

Conditions > Kidney Disease- Causes and Conditions

Kidney disease is the fallout of years of high blood pressure, hypertension and diabetes. The human body has two kidneys, each of which resembles a small bean. It is at the bottom of the rib cage, one on each side. The main function of kidney is removal of waste materials from your body. When the kidneys are not able to carry out this function effectively, it is termed as Kidney disease.

You can point at various factors for the occurrence of Kidney disease. Sometimes a serious physical injury could lead to extensive loss of blood and the vital organs may feel the heat of this loss as their oxygen supply falls considerably. Another reason is the side effects of strong medicines. Sometimes it is due to a viral infection. However, most of the cases point to high blood pressure as the main factor behind the entire problem.

Generally, it is difficult to diagnose Kidney disease. It is usually diagnosed when it has done considerable damage to your system. The earliest symptoms are just headaches, tiredness and a lack of proper appetite. In later stages, the symptoms develop into serious ones like very frequent passing of urine, nausea, darkening and itchy skin and at time severe cramps in the muscles, which prevent free movement of the legs.

After the diagnosis of the Kidney disease, doctors will advise you on the best course of treatment depending on the gravity of the situation. You will have to change your lifestyle and give more stress on specific exercises as per the doctor’s instructions. Strict diet restrictions are necessary and you need a lot of physical and mental rest.

Extreme cases will need dialysis, which helps in removing the toxic waste products from your system by artificial filtration methods. The frequency of this process depends on the severity of the Kidney disease. For some it may be daily while for some it may be on alternate days.

Conditions > Kidney Disease- Causes and Conditions