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Conditions and Diseases: Lupus

Conditions > Conditions and Diseases: Lupus

One of the more puzzling conditions and diseases is lupus. Lupus is a disease that has to do with the body’s immune system and usually affects females. When a person is diagnosed with lupus their immune system is unable to tell the difference between what are the body’s healthy cells and which are germ cells that can cause a serious infection. One of the conditions and diseases of lupus is that the body responds to the confusion of cells by producing autoantibodies that then attack the normal cells in the body.

Lupus is one of the more serious conditions and diseases of the immune system. There are three types of lupus. (1) systemic lupus erythematosus, which is the more serious form of lupus and can often affect the joints, tendons, and skin of the body. (2) discoid, which is a skin disease, which that causes a rash to appear on the neck, face, scalp, and ears. This type of lupus is quite rare. (3) drug-induced lupus, which is a type of lupus that is caused by a reaction to some medicines. The symptoms of this type of lupus will go away once the medicine is stopped.

Lupus, and the conditions and diseases associated with it, can be caused by a number of different factors that include:

  • genetics and family history
  • infection or stress
  • estrogen hormone
  • gender of the patient, and
  • ethnicity

The treatment of most conditions and diseases, such as lupus, will depend on many factors. In the case of lupus, the treatment is determined by how severe the case of lupus is as well as which parts of the body are affected. Some patients of lupus will take acetaminophen or ibuprofen to help them with the pain that is associated with lupus. Other patients may take antimalarial drugs that can help with the symptoms of joint pain and skin rashes.

The conditions and diseases of lupus can many times have a devastating affect on the patient. The treatment of lupus should be accompanied with some form of emotional support program to make things manageable for the patient.

Conditions > Conditions and Diseases: Lupus