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Prevention, Cure and Diet for Parkinson’s disease

Conditions > Prevention, Cure and Diet for Parkinson’s disease

Non-performance of some of the main body functions leads to Parkinson’s disease. The disease keeps aggravating over the years. When slowly but steadily, you feel a sort of stiffness in the movements of your hand and arms, trembling in your limbs or you are not able to focus on anything and have trouble in maintaining your proper posture, you are on your way to Parkinson’s disease.

The main cause for Parkinson’s disease is the loss of specific brain cells, dopamine cells. When certain chemicals develop in the brain and damage it, the dopamine cells face the maximum loss. There is no age or sex bar for the occurrence of this disease. Gradual symptoms develop in to major problems, when you require help for even daily routine activities.

When the Parkinson’s disease sets in, you may find yourself whispering at times. You may not be able to recognize the familiar surroundings for brief periods. You can feel your hands shaking while you try to hold something and slowly your handwriting may become illegible. Some of these are characteristic to old age problems also.

There is no perfect cure for Parkinson’s disease. There are certain drugs, which ease out the situation. The dosage of the drugs and the necessity of the therapies are as per the doctor’s instructions. The doctor will arrive at a perfect combination after periods of trials and errors depending on every individual case.

The best way to treat your Parkinson’s disease is to have a daily exercise schedule and adhere to the doctor’s instructions. It is better to take the medicines as per the dosages. Although the disease brings about gradual setbacks in your physical system, you can prolong it by taking the proper measures. You can divert your attention from your own problems and delve into others welfare activities. Instead of brooding over the facts of your disease, you can take up each day as it comes and enjoy life.

Conditions > Prevention, Cure and Diet for Parkinson’s disease