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STDs: Learn How to Protect Yourself

Conditions > STDs: Learn How to Protect Yourself

STDs refer to the sexually transmitted diseases, also known as venereal diseases. STDs pass through sexual activities between partners. When the body fluids pass from one person to another through sexual intercourse, the risk of transfer of disease viruses from one partner to another is manifold. Although there are many diseases under this banner, the most common is HIV virus causing AIDS.

STDs do not occur when there is sexual activity between two healthy partners. It is only if one of them carries infectious bacteria or virus, that the other partner fears infection through sexual intercourse. For this reason, healthcare professionals hint towards safe sex with condoms. However, this is not a safe bet. The best is abstinence from such sex. Additionally, multi partners are also a cause for this disease.

STDs are very dangerous and prove to be fatal in many cases. In most cases, it leads to cervical cancers. These affect the working of the other vital organs of your body and may lead to death.

Some of the early symptoms of STDs are fevers, swellings and discharge from the vagina or the penis, abdominal pain, headaches, swelling of the genitals, muscular pain, etc. At times, these symptoms go unnoticed as they may face confusion for other normal ailments. Recently, there are many public campaigns to educate all sections of people of the effects of such diseases and hence advise them against indulging in such activities.

STDs are slow killers and they eat your body system in a slow and gradual way. Although there are many remedies for the disease, it is best to abstain from sex with such partners for your own well- being. Once any such disease sets in to your physical system, you also face a lot of social ostracism and your normal existence ends.

Conditions > STDs: Learn How to Protect Yourself