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Things You Can Do to Lower Your High Blood Pressure

Conditions > Things You Can Do to Lower Your High Blood Pressure

The force or pressure of blood pumped into your arteries with each heartbeat when beyond the normal parameter is high blood pressure. The incidence of high blood pressure is higher in middle-aged people. Although the pressure of blood is perennially rising and falling, the condition when the pressure is stagnant at 140/90 mm Hg or above that is a matter of concern.

High blood pressure occurs when blood requires extra pressure to pump through your arteries. This is because of thickening of the walls of arteries due to deposits of fatty substances and other cellular waste materials. This leads to heart attacks. The basic pressure levels depend on your normal physical conditions and your age. In general, the pressure is 120/80 mm of Hg.

The best remedy for high blood pressure is to maintain a good exercise routine. You need not to do any strenuous exercises, just light exercises for half an hour daily can work wonders for you. Secondly, shed your excess weight by eating the right kind of foods and reducing the salt intake. The third important factor is to cut down on your drinking habits. Herbal remedies also provide necessary relief.

High blood pressure is to a certain extent hereditary. Otherwise, excessive mental tension and fatigue leads to this fatal condition. When the condition persists over a period, you will be paving the path for heart diseases, which may turn fatal. When you are very tense emotionally, blood gushes to your brain and the heart. However, if your arteries are not able to sustain this pressure, they may burst and cause death.

The best recourse for high blood pressure is to have a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, which are rich in vitamins and folic acid. Fish and egg yolk also help largely. However, meat is a big NO. Varieties of fruits provide different nutrients and vitamins. You can also take in wholegrain cereals, nuts and pulses to maintain your health.

Conditions > Things You Can Do to Lower Your High Blood Pressure