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What is Cerebral Palsy?

Conditions > What is Cerebral Palsy?

Specifically speaking, brain injury in unborn or just born infants is cerebral palsy. The reason could be a difficult pregnancy or a difficult labor and associated childbirth. If the mother suffers from some mental trauma, serious sickness or infection during pregnancy, it affects the muscular growth of the baby within the womb. In addition, if there is any head injury during the process of childbirth, it may lead to cerebral palsy. Sometimes severe brain fever or infection in the early years could lead to this condition.

As cerebral palsy is a particular condition of the infants, obviously it may take a bit of time for detection. The only solution is physiotherapy. There are four main types of this condition. The most common one is spastic, when the tight muscles hinder the free movement of the limbs. In the case of Athetoid type, muscles are at times weak and at times, too tight. The ataxic type refers to very weak muscles. Some infants suffer from a combination of all the different types.

The effects of cerebral palsy on the infants differ. Some may develop a retarded brain, problems of the sensory organs like hearing, seeing, speaking, etc. They are not able to move their limbs freely and hence require canes, leg braces or at times, wheelchairs. The most severe cases are when all the physical functions are affected.

You need to take the expert advice of doctors and other healthcare professionals to take good care of your child with cerebral palsy. Certain orthopedics may reduce the severity of the condition with the help of surgeries. In a few cases, drugs control the problem of seizures when your child develops fits due to lack of proper coordination between the different nervous organs. The treatments are expensive and in most cases for the entire life. If the condition is due to the doctor’s negligence during childbirth, you can go for medical claim.

Conditions > What is Cerebral Palsy?