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What is Epilepsy All About?

Conditions > What is Epilepsy All About?

Epilepsy is a particular nervous disorder when the brain is not able to give directions to the nerves. A seizure occurs when the signals from the brains do not reach the nerves and your voluntary and involuntary functions and motions during that period become static. This condition of seizure is due to epilepsy, though it is not the cause always. As the signals from the brain are not recognizable by the nerve cells or at time do not receive any, you behave abnormally or become unconscious.

You cannot attribute any particular reason for epilepsy. In some cases, it is the result of some head injury either accidental or due to trauma. Some bacterial and viral infections also point to this direction. Again, there is no specific age for the occurrence; it can range from a newborn baby to a senior citizen.

After the initial diagnosis of epilepsy, it is essential to start immediate treatment with the help of professionals. They will conduct tests on the brain with the help of advanced technology. There are many effective medicines, which can reduce the occurrence and severities of such attacks. Surgery is a remedy in certain cases. If you do not follow regular treatment, it may be responsible for death.

Epilepsy at times leads to emotional disturbances in children and adults alike. They may face embarrassing situations in school and workplaces and encounter unpleasant behavior from others. You should restrain from such bullying and teasing, instead provide immediate medical help to such patients. The persistent risk of death due to such a condition is imminent.

You need to take the help of your family members and your doctor to treat the condition of Epilepsy. Although a student can attend normal school, it is beneficial to keep the school authorities well informed of your condition so that they will be able to help you when required. The family of an epilepsy patient needs to be educated and all misconceptions should be cleared.

Conditions > What is Epilepsy All About?