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A Healthy Digestive System

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The digestive system is responsible for breaking down the food that we put into our bodies so that we are able to use it for the fuel that we need. Our bodies use this fuel as a source of energy that is used for the things that we do every day, including working, eating, growing, and thinking. The digestive system works by breaking down the food that we put into our bodies into smaller entities called molecules. This breakdown of the food involves the chewing movement of the mouth combined with the saliva that is excreted during the eating process. These molecules are then used by the body as fuel, although not all of the food that enters our digestive system is digested by our bodies. This food that isn’t digested exits the small intestine and enters in to the larger intestine.

The large intestine is another part of our digestive system. The large intestine is approximately five feet long, much shorter than the smaller intestine. It is also much thicker and wider so that it can accommodate the bodies waste and encourage a healthy digestive system. The food in the large intestine that isn’t digested is in the form of a liquid paste since the food is basically already broken down. The large intestine removes most of the liquid that is found within this liquid past and turns it into a much more solid waste that is collects itself in the rectum, which can be found a the far end of the large intestine. This solid waste then leaves your body through a body cavity.

A healthy digestive system means taking care of your body and watching what you eat. If you foods that are high in fat and sugars it will take your body longer to break down the foods to turn into fuel for your body. The digestive system starts to work the minute that your stomach receives signals that originate in the brain that tell your body that you are about to eat. It is at this point that your stomach starts to growl in anticipation of the digestive process and even if your stomach is empty the stomach muscles will begin to contract. When your stomach starts to contract the acids within the stomach, that are part of the digestive system, begin mixing in the empty space of the stomach.

Digestive Health > > A Healthy Digestive System