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Caregivers and Disabilities

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There are many different types of disabilities that can affect the way that a person lives and the way that they view life. There are some medical disabilities that can be acute and will require that the individual with the disability have some type of assistance both in and out of the home. Acute or chronic types may not be visible to anyone else but may still require the need of a caregiver in the home.

There are some disabilities and medical conditions that have an impact on the educational goals of an individual. People with these types of disabilities may find it difficult to attend school without the help of a caregiver. Some of these types of disabilities include chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, kidney disease, fibromyalgia, allergies, cancer, diabetes, heart conditions, HIV infections, and respiratory problems. With the help of a competent caregiver people with these types of disabilities can still attend school and gain a valuable education that will enhance their life.

A caregiver is there to help the person with disabilities in a variety of ways. A caregiver can be there to take notes or to help the student with disabilities use an alternate form of taking notes, such as a laptop or recording device. Many educational institutions will made some academic allowances for persons with disabilities. Many times there will already be adjusted seating arrangements if this is needed. If a person with a disability needs to be tested the school may provide an alternate method of testing if needed. Persons with disabilities will often be given longer periods of rest between classes so that can be in class on time or so that they can take a physical or mental break if needed.

The important thing to remember is that people with disabilities have just as much success attending school as people without disabilities. Educational institutions are required to be as accommodating as possible to allow for the success of people with disabilities.

Disabilities > > Caregivers and Disabilities