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Coping With Children With Disabilities

Disabilities > > Coping With Children With Disabilities

Coping with children with disabilities is something that many parents are facing every day. Disabilities in children can be diagnosed at birth or they can be discovered as the child is growing. No matter when or what the disabilities are, parents need a way to cope with the many emotions and feelings that they are going to have to face as a parent of a child with disabilities.

One of the very first emotions that parent’s of a child with disabilities is going to go through is the feeling of denial. Parents will wonder why this has happened to their family and they may often take many days or weeks before they are willing to accept and understand that their child has disabilities. Very soon after the parents are feeling the denial they will start to feel anger. They will be angry toward the doctors that are involved with their child’s disabilities and may often turn some of this anger towards each other or even the child. Parents will need to make sure that they don’t let this anger towards each other interfere with the communication that they will need to have in order to cope with their child’s disabilities. The anger that parents feel will oftenbe made stronger with feelings of guilt and helplessness.

Parents of a child with disabilities will often start to feel a lot of fear. They will be afraid of what is to come and afraid of the unknown. Most times parents will also feel fear for their child and what that child is going to have to go through with their disabilities. They will wonder how they and their child are going to cope with lifelong disabilities. Many of the dreams and hopes that they had for their child will have to abandoned or readjusted. Many parents will be extremely confused as they fluctuate between so many feelings and emotions. It will be very important for these parents of child with disabilities to ask for support from their doctor and from their family so that they better cope with the situation at hand.

Disabilities > > Coping With Children With Disabilities