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Learning Disabilities

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Learning disabilities are disabilities that affect the way that a person learns and processes information. Some people may have very mild disabilities ranging to severe learning disabilities. In some cases people may trouble interpreting just what it is that they hear and see. Other times an individual can understand the information but will have trouble making mental connections between that information and what is seen and heard. Spoken or written language can sometimes be affected with learning disabilities or sometimes it is a difficulty in doing any type of math problems. Most times people with learning disabilities can lead normal lives and their learning disabilities only appear when they are trying to read, write, to comprehend.

One type of learning disabilities is dyslexia. Dyslexia is a one of the disabilities which is language oriented. People with dyslexia have problems with words and decoding the phonological order that the words are presented. Sometimes there is only a problem with a single word here and there and other times a person will have difficulty with most of the words that they read. People who have these types of language disabilities have trouble reading and attending school and will often need to relearn the way that they interpret language.

There are many other types of learning disabilities that can cause problems for people while they are writing, reading, or understanding. Another one of these disabilities is ADHD ( attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). Some specialists do not consider ADHD to be one of the learning disabilities, however people who suffer from ADHD will have a very distinct problem with learning some things due to their inability to concentrate. Another of the learning disabilities that not all experts consider a true learning disability is people who have had a brain injury. There are some genetic diseases that are also considered learning disabilities. These include autism, Down's syndrome, and dementia. No matter what the cause or the origin of learning disabilities they need to be treated under the care of a doctor who can determine what is best and what measures can be taken to improve the ways the individual learns.

Disabilities > > Learning Disabilities