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Learning Disabilities and Language

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There are many different types of learning disabilities that include physical, mental, learning, and language disabilities. Language and speech problems are often a good indicator that there is some types of learning disabilities that are present. When people have language and speech disorders that prevent them from speaking correctly or understanding what is being said a professional therapist will be the one to make the final decision as to whether or not there are learning disabilities that need to be dealt with.

There are different types of language learning disabilities that include an impaired development of articulating words and sounds, a developmental delay in expressing language, or a developmental problem in receiving language commands and instructions. The earlier that a child is diagnosed with language learning disabilities the sooner that treatment can begin with a trained therapist to correct the learning disabilities and to prevent the learning disabilities from becoming more and more complicated.

Other learning disabilities include academic skill learning disabilities. These types of learning disabilities often make themselves known with students who are struggling to study and work their way through school. Academic learning disabilities will usually include reading disabilities, math disabilities, and writing disabilities. Many times students that have these types of learning disabilities can overcome them with therapy and a great amount of concentration and focus. There are shortcuts that they can learn to help them function in the classroom in a successful manner. Techniques that students with academic learning disabilities can learn are building new images and ideas, store certain information in memory, learn new methods of understanding grammar and words, focusing on printed words, and comparing new ideas to other concepts.

There are many other different types of learning disabilities that will require different types of therapy and new learning methods. The sooner that learning disabilities are diagnosed the better chance there is of dealing with the disability as well as making sure that the learning disabilities don’t become more severe.

Disabilities > > Learning Disabilities and Language