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Social Security Disability

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If you are within range of a television set (and you likely are, if you are within range of access to the Internet, reading this) you have probably seen (or at least heard) the commercials for social security disability. From what the announcers mention, social security disability benefits are often denied, requiring a lawyer to help you fight for what you deserve.

First, to be eligible for social security disability benefits you must meet the standard definition of one who is long term disabled—or impaired: that is, you must have a physical, mental, or combination health problem that is disabling you from returning to work.

Next, you must be unable to work for a period lasting a full year in order to collect on a social security disability claim. And the claim, by the way, must be approved by the federal social security administration, so this is where chances lessen for you to collect benefits and where chances increase that you will be denied.

This is where social security disability appeal lawyers come in. If you have suffered a debilitating injury, have incurred a mental impairment, or have developed a disabling illness, any of which keep you from working for an expected long period of time (beyond what your disability insurance will cover, for example) you need continued income. You need social security disability pay.

You need, then to fill out the applications to be awarded social security disability benefits. You also need an examination and confirmation report from your doctor, stating you have a physical or mental impairment that prevents you—disables you—from returning to work.

If your application is denied, you need to complete the appeals forms. And then you need to be granted a healing with an administrative law judge. This means (as is the case for most us who are not savvy to the legal terms, processes, and details) that you need legal representation by one who is trained and experienced in successful social security disability cases.

Hence the reason we see so many social security disability ads on TV.

Disabilities > > Social Security Disability