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Gingko Biloba Extract: Health Benefits

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Gingko biloba extract – derived from the leaves of the gingko biloba tree – has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine, and for a significantly shorter time in the western world. This popular memory booster can be found in various forms of a food supplement and can be found in health food stores and through various online merchants.

Food supplements of gingko biloba extract are generally associated with memory loss due to age, rather than in other conditions that would induce such a condition. There is no evidence to suggest that the ingestion of such a food supplement would, in any way, be of help under those conditions. However, benefits have been associated to the use of gingko biloba extract in relation to circulation and the central nervous system, as well as through its properties as an antioxidant.

In order to produce this product and manufacture food supplements, the extract must be taken from dried and milled gingko biloba leaves, and food supplements that are purchased should contain this extract in order to enjoy its benefits.

Health Benefits

Gingko biloba extract is believed to inhibit the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, since it encourages blood flow to the brain, improving the functions of the memory as a result of the ingestion of such a food supplement. Interestingly, there seems to be no apparent effect to healthy individuals who use gingko biloba extract, but rather for those

Another benefit of this food supplement is the relief of headaches, ringing in the ears, depression, anxiety and dizziness. Patients suffering from Raynaud’s disease will also reap the benefits of this food supplement, since the blood flow to the extremities is increased – easing cramping and coldness of the limbs.

Those who have problems with cataracts and macular degeneration will find relief from taking a food supplement that contains gingko biloba extract, as a result of a greater blood flow capacity to the small vessels in the region of the eyes. Blurriness or fuzziness of vision may also be diminished through the use of this product.

Diabetics, who often suffer the affects of nerve damage due to poor circulation, will experience an alleviation of the symptoms, as this food supplement increases blood flow throughout their bodies. The effects of retinopathy may also be diminished as a result of gingko biloba extract.

Other conditions which may be treated or avoided through the use of such a food supplement are impotence, heart attack, stroke, asthma and a number of other disorders that would be eased through a stronger flow of blood through the system.

Gingko biloba extract is currently a food supplement that can be found in the form of tablet, capsule, liquid, powder, softgel and tincture and is stocked by most stores in the health food section. The effects may take up to 12 weeks of continuous use before they become apparent, but it is

Food Supplements > > Gingko Biloba Extract: Health Benefits