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Siberian Ginseng: Supplemental Benefits

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This energy-building herb, popular in China since ancient times, is used by people everywhere to fuel the body with extra energy, resist disease and enforce mental clarity. Siberian ginseng is so popular in some parts of the world that millions of people in Russian, alone, use this herb for general health maintenance by administering it in the form of a tonic.

Health Benefits of Siberian Ginseng

Since Siberian ginseng is the type of herb that contains special stress-fighting hormones, it provides assistance to the adrenal glands which secrete the natural form of the hormone that’s inherent to the body. As a result, the body’s ability to handle physical stress is

According to scientific research, the herb known as Siberian ginseng is instrumental in the body’s ability to exhibit greater physical stamina, overcome motion-induced illness and equip the mind with the tools that are necessary to focus on a task that requires speed and precision – even in a disruptive atmosphere. Due to the herb’s properties which affect an individual’s mental faculties, studies also show that basic administrative skills are enhanced, such as the ability to proofread more accurately when faced with the written word.

Individuals are also less likely to be affected by heat-related illnesses, such as heat stroke, and are more adaptable to environmental extremes, such as the low oxygen content which is found in high altitude environments.

Another benefit of a steady regimen of this herb is that it may aid in fighting energy-related diseases, such as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.

One interesting point to note is that the herb does not appear to exhibit the same effects in athletes. When taken by half of a control group, those who took the Siberian ginseng showed no marked increase in their ability to

Reproductive health is also affected by taking this miraculous herb. When tested on animals, those who were given Siberian ginseng were shown to exhibit elevated levels of testosterone, and it is being considered as a form of treatment for male impotence. Among the female population, the herb may help to prevent infertility by providing healthy uterine function, as well as easing menstrual cramps and helping to reduce the effects of menopause.

Although the cure for the common cold has not yet been developed, the use of this member of the herb family is believed to assist in inhibiting cold and flu. Studies have shown that those who took Siberian ginseng were found to have developed 40% fewer cases of respiratory infections.

Uses and Restrictions

Like anything else, sometimes too much is not the best idea. In that spirit, you’ll need to give your body a break every few months by eliminating the herb from your daily constitution for one or two weeks. Due to its energy-inducing properties, it’s recommended that you not take this herb within an hour of the time when you’re planning to go to –otherwise, restlessness may occur.

Since Siberian ginseng may reaction with certain necessary medications, consult your physician before including it in your diet. Those who suffer from hypertension and are taking medication to treat the illness should avoid this herb.

Food Supplements > > Siberian Ginseng: Supplemental Benefits