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Most people do not think about their heart rate unless they are monitoring during or after exercise, but it is good to still understand why knowing how to monitor your heart rate is important. First of all, knowing your heart rate is nothing more than knowing how many times your heart beats in one minute. Your heart rate changes depending on what you are doing at the time, for example, if you are walking, your heart rate will be higher than if you are sitting down; if you are running your heart rate will be higher than if you are walking. Basically, your heart beats more rapidly when you are active than it does when you are inactive.

If you are interested in trying to prevent heart disease and heart attacks, you should be aware of what is considered the normal heart rate for the average adult and work with that. The average adult heart rate should be between 60-80 beats per minute; 60 during rest; higher during activity. Since your heart is the muscle keeps the blood pumping through your body, the rate that your heart is pumping at plays a big role in determining how healthy your heart is. If your heart is averaging less than 60 beats per minute when you are inactive, it is not pumping enough oxygen enriched blood through your system which states that you are likely experiencing some sort of blockage to your hearts main artery. If your heart is averaging too many beats per minute, your body will be unable to keep up with the excess of blood pumping through your system and are a likely candidate for heart disease or a heart attack.

That is why monitoring your heart rate is very important; especially if you are making any changes to your daily routine. Having your heart rate regularly checked up by a doctor when you are advancing in age or if you are a regular smoker or have high cholesterol is a necessary tool in keeping track of your overall heart health. You can have your doctor what is normal for people of you average size and age, and then you can purchase your own heart rate monitor at any sports store so that you can monitor your heart rate at home. If you notice any significant changes, you should consult your doctor immediately. Just know that your heart rate changes with activity level, so you should have your heart rate during activity or exercise and while resting so that you can know exactly where you stand.

Heart Health > > Heart Rate