Herbs have magnificent healing powers and can be used to treat many serious yet common ailments and to boost your health.

Healing Herbs

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Welcome to the world of healing herbs. Here is an adventure that you will be most happy to take. Finding the right herbs for the right ailment is no easy task so in your quest for healing herbs we can do our research on the internet or library or if you so wish your nearest medicine man or woman. Please remember to always consult your doctor before administering any new healing processes in case of a reaction to other medications or allergies. For stomach upset for instance you may try a tea made from mint or mustard seeds. Black Kohosh is good for women’s ailments such as menstrual problems. For every illness there are healing herbs.

Healing herbs are used in different ways. Some are used as an infusion others are used as a salve or ointment or a poultice. It is common in present day to use healing herbs ground and in a capsule or as a tea. It is more convenient with our busy lifestyles. Our ancestors gave us this knowledge and it was handed down through the generations. Every civilization and culture has their own herbs and ways to use them. What grows in abundance in the western hemisphere will not necessarily be growing in the eastern hemisphere so adjustments will have to made accordingly.

Healing herbs are excellent for minor ailments such as stomach upset or bladder infection these problems require very little as far as preparing a tea or infusion. You may simply prepare a tea from a few mints leaves for upset stomach or cranberries for bladder infection, pour a cup of boiling water over herbs and let steep for 10 minutes or use a tea ball. Drink 3 times per day or as needed. For more serious problems be sure to consult your doctor before choosing your method of healing. Healing herbs are excellent for expecting or nursing mothers due to the fact that they are healthier for baby.

Herbs > > Healing Herbs