Herbs have magnificent healing powers and can be used to treat many serious yet common ailments and to boost your health.

How Herbs Are Applied As Medicine

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Anyone who uses herbs for their medicinal values will tell you that it is very rare for them to take an herb and simply eat a handful of it to gain the benefits that they can provide. Over the course of many years, there have been developed many different preparations for herbs to be used in medicinal applications and for other purposes. Here are just a few of the ways you can prepare herbs so that they may be most efficiently and safely used.

Infusions are a very simple way of extracting the active components of herbs through immersing them in hot water. The way you make an infusion is similar to making a tea. This method is used to extract the components of the dried or green parts of herbs and plants like flowers, leaves and roots. Infusions may use single herbs or a blend and can be consumed hot or cold. Infusion is the most common and cheap method of extracting the medicinal compounds of herbs.

Tinctures are another way of preparing herbs for use. Most of the volatile components of medicinal plants and herbs are soluble in alcohol. When you immerse an herb or mixture of herbs in alcohol, you can achieve a much higher concentration of the active components, and therefore make a much stronger end product. These highly concentrated mixtures are excellent for storing for long periods of time. These tinctures should be made using pure ethyl alcohol distilled from cereals. This pure alcohol can be hard to come by, so many people suggest using a good, pure Vodka. A 50% mixture of herbs and alcohol kept in a tightly closed jar will hold a tincture ready for use at the prescribed dosage. You should never use methyl alcohol, methylated spirits, isopropyl alcohol or any other kind of unknown spirit to make tinctures.

Ointments are prepared in a manner much like hot infused oils but the difference is that herbs are simmered in waxes or fats containing no water. After separating the simmered herbs by squeezing and cooling, you will end up with an end product that is a combination of waxes and the medicinal components of the plant which can be used as a balm or rub.

Herbs > > How Herbs Are Applied As Medicine