Herbs have magnificent healing powers and can be used to treat many serious yet common ailments and to boost your health.

Relieving Stress Through the Use of Herbs

Herbs > > Relieving Stress Through the Use of Herbs

As the world’s people turn toward homeopathic remedies, herbs that help to reduce or eliminate the effects of stress are becoming quite popular. Whether through the use of aromatherapy, massage oils or relaxing teas, the herb family has gained a strong foothold in the treatment of modern ailments.

One such herb – kava (or kava kava, as known in some circles) – is extremely effective as a deterrent to the symptoms of stress and anxiety. Generally distributed in the form of tea, this potent herb is also available in capsule form. The beverage (also referred to as kava) is made from the root of the pepper plant, a shrub that’s indigenous to Polynesia, Micronesia and Melanesia. The root of the herb is ground and mixed with water immediately prior to its consumption, without the benefit of fermentation or other form of aging. The extracts of the root are then used in capsules, which are made available to the public.

Bach’s Rescue Remedy, a combination of five healing herbs, is well known for its ability to serve as a quick remedy, targeting sudden shock or stress. Ingredients include Impatiens – for stress relief; Clematis – for unconsciousness; Cherry Plum – for loss of control; Star of Bethlehem – for shock; and Rock Rose – for terror. Combined, these powerful herbs produce a potent mixture that’s designed to be used by adults and children, for both major shocks and minor bumps.

Chamomile is a stress-reducing herb that’s commonly found in the form of tea. Most known for its properties which encourage relaxation, this herb is also an effective treatment for the reduction of menstrual cramps, nervous stomach and other maladies that may be traced to stress. This lovely tea, made of the stewed chamomile herb, is mild and promotes mental and physical relaxation.

Yet another herb that’s credited with relieving the effects of stress is valerian – sometimes touted as the “valium of the 19th century”. European chemists (referred to as pharmacists in the United States) make a practice of prescribing this herb to promote the relief of stress in patients who suffer from anxiety. Due to its potency, however, valerian can not be taken in combination with alcohol, and you must be careful not to exceed the prescribed dosage, or it could be harmful.

The herb that’s best known by the name of passionflower is also credited with the ability to relieve stress and relax tense muscles, as well as diminish or eliminate the effects of headaches, emotional trauma, muscle spasms and the type of insomnia that’s associated with nervousness. As with similar herbs, passionflower is available in a variety of forms.

Lavender is, perhaps, better known that many of the other members of the herb family for its part in the reduction of stress through aromatherapy, massage oils and a number of other tools which utilize the oils of this beautiful, fragrant herb. Warm baths which contain lavender scented bath salts are remarkable for soothing tense muscles and easing tension headaches. Even sachets, potpourri and certain soaps contain lavender, making this herb as versatile as it is useful.

Herbs > > Relieving Stress Through the Use of Herbs