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Everyone, at one time or another in their life has had a pimple. The medical term is Acne. The slang term is zit. We all remember the first time we got a pimple and the horror we faced at the red angry pump on are cheek, chin, forehead or the dreaded NOSE zit! It the usually came on a big day, the dance, or the first day of school. Mom’s promise no one would notice. The put a dab of make up the ugly little monster and sent us out into the world. Oh the horror. But then you noticed that others too had the dilemma of the pimple. Some kids would scrap and scratch at the little thing until it bled leaving a rather nasty mark for the rest their life as a reminder of mom’s words…. “don’t touch “it” “

Yeah the pimple. The fact is that today there are many over the counter medicines that will aid in controlling the offending little bumps, and still there are some old fashion remedies that people swear by. Acne is caused but dirt and oily skin. Your pores get clogged up and thus…a zit is born. If you eat a non greasy diet full of fruits and veggies…you will still get acne. Also it a fact that stress can bring on a rash of pimples, and so too can a women period.

Kids feel horrific when they see the white head standing proud on the end of a red bump that atops the tip of their young nose….take heart my young friends. Even thirty something people get acne, and although we hide it better with make up we too are still just as horrified when we wake up to an unwanted pimple.

The best defense is to not touch the acne, the oil from your hands will aggreviate it further. Rubbing alcohol will dry out your skin, however it will do little to make the acne leave any sooner.

Acne is the most common skin problem that everyone faces. It used to be that teenagers, with their rapid hormone variances were the most susceptible, but that is simply not the case. More and more adults are suffering from acne as it has been realized that changes in diets play a large role in the problem. For example, eating too many sweets or diets that are high in saturated fats can cause acne as they build an excess of oils under the skin. Not washing your face regularly causes acne because of all of the daily dirt’s and bacteria that get in and on the skin. There are many other factors that can play a role in getting acne such as, stress, moisturizers, and skin sensitivity.

Gone are the days of Lemon-up and Phisohex. In this high-tech postmodern culture of ours, we have the best opportunities, the finest options, and the greatest access to communications technologies, world wide information and personalized services. And we have the luxury of something our ancestors didn’t have: acne medicine.

The acne medicine of yore was sometimes dangerous, sometimes ineffectual with its best characteristic that it concealed blemishes temporarily.

With acne being so common and popular a problem, there are now dozens of different acne medicines to treat it. It seems that now almost every name brand cosmetic product has their own line of acne medicine. Product brand names are not only the brands that we used to use like stridex and oxy pads, we now have Oil of Olay, Clean and Clear, and Neutrogena among many others to rely on.Even anti bacterial medications such as amoxicillin can be used for certain tyopes of acne.Acne medicine is no longer as abrasive to the skin as it used to be either. There used to be so much alcohol in acne medicines that you risked painful burning and irritation when cleaning your face and the possibility of even more acne.Related Resources: Antibiotics info Buy Amoxicillin

Acne medicines are geared toward helping any and every one that needs it. There are now moisturizers for people with dry skin added to acne medicine. There are gentle scrubs and hypo-allergenic products for those with sensitive skin, and there is even acne medicine on the market that is geared toward helping those with combination skin. (Both oily and dry) The new attentions that are put into researching and developing good products for the proper skin care is almost making dermatology obscure.Almost, that is.We may think we no longer need prescriptions to cure our acne because even makeup products can now prevent acne. However, acne is a persistent little devil and if the over the counter medication, does control it, it's quite possible that the skin condition will return once treatment is stopped.This is why a visit to a dermatologist even for the not so severe skin problems can be a good idea. We still cannot solve all of our acne problems with over the counter products that can be found in any drug store.

Today, more knowledge and open-mindedness, more disclosure comes with the manufacture of acne treatment.

For instance, with the advent of Accutane (a capsule-form acne medicine used to treat severe—nodular—acne), came the serious warnings of multiple side effects. Especially for women patients, Accutane has been proven to cause everything from birth defects to mental disorder. So for as effectual as the medicine has shown to be the risks are as great

Other manufacturers of acne medication are just as supportive of our need to become better self-informed before attempting to pursue a particular treatment. They will tell us what necessary precautions to take, what steps will be required to make the medication work best, and and how effective the product is--whether it will conceal, dim, or slowly make the appearance of acne change.

For example, with the intensely potent acne medicine, isotretinoin, we are told that because it is so powerful—working as Accutane does, when no other antibiotic or like treatments have worked—we must take it the “right” way: we must take it with food, must keep it refrigerated, must keep it out of the sun, and must keep it way from children at all times under all circumstances. In addition, we are warned against giving blood while using isotretinoin and should completely avoid undergoing any cosmetic surgeries or procedures…for at least six months after stopping usage.

It may seem daunting that acne medicine of today is fraught with so many negatives, but the very disclosure of modern professionals to contemporary users carries at least some positive, doesn’t it?

Medicine > Modern Acne Medicine