Herbs have magnificent healing powers and can be used to treat many serious yet common ailments and to boost your health.
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Herbal medicines are used in many different ways for many different ailments. Some are used to combat cold and flues and others are used as a salve or ointment or a poultice for damaged bones or muscles. It is common in present day to use herbal medicines ground and in a capsule or mixed as a tea. It is more convenient with our busy lifestyles. Our ancestors gave us this knowledge and it was handed down through the generations. Every civilization and culture has their own herbs and ways to use them. What grows in abundance in the western hemisphere will not necessarily be growing in the eastern hemisphere so adjustments will have to make it accordingly.

Herbal medicines are used for just about everything as a form of ‘organic’ substitute for using narcotic medicines. Oddly enough, even herbs that were once considered illegal such as hemp are now used to combat common ailments. As long as there are people that not getting everything they need to recover from an ailment from doctors and hospitals, people will be turning to herbal medicines for help. Some people swear by herbal medicines and will not use anything else. That is also growing in popularity. These days, people are beginning to believe that with all of the side effects that come from the prescriptions that doctors are giving they would prefer to use something more natural in their systems, and for many of these people it is working!

Medicinal herbs come in many forms, such as plants, roots, tree bark, leaves and grasses just to name a few. One of the most common of the medicinal herbs is the poppy. The healing nature of this plant has been in effect for thousands of years and is still used widely today as a pain reliever in the form of morphine and its derivatives. There are countless books and forms of information on this topic and prices may range from pennies to thousands of dollars per ounce of any particular herb. Which ones you would prefer or which would work best for you, oly you can tell.

Medicine > Herbal Medicine