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When to Choose an Internal Medicine Doctor

Medicine > When to Choose an Internal Medicine Doctor

When we think of the kinds of physicians and their areas of specialty, we might not consider an internal medicine doctor to do more than what is inside his or her range of, well, our insides. But internal medicine doctors—like any trained, experienced physicians have an extensive repertoire that includes more than just internist specialties.

For starters, an internal medicine doctor is schooled in adult medicine and adult diseases and disorders. In fact, his or her range of knowledge is so comprehensive that, as internists like Dr. Nachman Brautbar will confirm, an internal medicine doctor is frequently asked to consult or collaborate on more complex, more baffling diagnostic problems or concerns.

An internal medicine doctor makes for a fine primary care physician for adults, as he or she is knowledgeable in and stays studied up on the modern complexities involved with all areas of medicine. For instance, a compilation of areas covered by the internist who knows medicine as an expansive and almost all-inclusive field—not just internal medicine areas—shows that the internal medicine doctor can provide medical care and treatment and give medical opinion and advice on the following areas (in a list which is by no means definitive…just representative and possibly redundant):

Alcohol Effects

Autoimmune system disorders
Blood diseases
Blood vessel diseases and disorders
Building-related illnesses
Central nervous system and peripheral nervous system illnesses
Cerebrovascular incidents
Digestive diseases
Drug abuse
Heart diseases and disorders
Hormonal disorders
Liver diseases
Lung diseases
Neurological disorders and diseases
Respiratory disorders
Upper respiratory tract diseases and disorders

As you can see, then, an internal medicine doctor will assist you with services, diagnoses, and treatment that reaches far beyond just the internal organs specialization. Something to consider when trying to find separate physicians for separate fields of medical knowledge and expertise.

Medicine > When to Choose an Internal Medicine Doctor