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The Latest in Sports Medicine

Medicine > The Latest in Sports Medicine

In this high-tech postmodern culture of ours, we have the best opportunities, the finest options, and the greatest access to communications technologies, world wide information and personalized services. And we have the luxury of something our ancestors didn’t have: modern sports medicine.

Enough time has passed since the first organized sports of the 1800’s to give researchers and medical professionals material for basing their pattern studies on. Today in the latest sports medicine reports, then, we learn of the anomalies, abnormalities, and health idiosyncrasies that show in in the biomechanics of players of all game play fields.

For instance, in one informative piece, Jordana Bieze reveals studies of football players who report lower back pain. These players have been found to have a hyperconcavity of the vertical endplates of the lumbosacral spine, whereas fellow players reporting no lower back pain have no such abnormality. This anomaly, Bieze continues, could possibly be due to extreme and unusual mechanical spine-loading movement.

In another equally fascinating look inside sports medicine, the same author reports on the margins for error studied in pitchers. The marginalia study was launched when research analysts discovered discrepancies in baseball pitchers’ varying abilities to “process vestibular input.” In simpler terms, the study was on the sensory organization deficits in 16 men, to analyze the decrease in pitching accuracy.

What makes each sports medicine study of the 21st century interesting, though, is when findings in one column do not strike accordance with the findings in the next. The discrepancy is the study’s focal point and becomes the point where the findings take off and contribute to advancements in that particular area or field. This is what makes today’s sports medicine news so unique and so now.

Medicine > The Latest in Sports Medicine