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Sports medicine refers to many different areas of exercise and sports science that relate both to performance and care of injury. Within sports medicine are areas of specialization such as clinical medicine, orthopedics, exercise physiology, biomechanics, kinesiology, physical therapy, athletic training, massage therapy, sports nutrition, and sports psychology. What this means is that sports medicine relates to all aspects of training, rehabilitation of injuries, and the dietary aspects of athletics.

Doctors who specialize in sports medicine are the people that see rushing onto the field during a football injury; they are the ones treating the athlete in the locker room. People that choose to specialize in sports medicine are trained to cover almost every aspect of the body. It is these doctors and paramedics who not only cure athletes of injuries, but they help chose specifically designed exercise regimens, diets, therapies, and psychological services that are geared toward each and every athlete individually. In many ways, sports medics are some of the only medics that are universally trained. This means that sports medics are trained in every facet that pertains to the human muscular system, psyche, and nutritional needs for athletes in particular. When I say athletes, I mean anyone that is active in life and not just professional athletes.

Sports medicine was designed to assist active people in dealing with the various problems that can occur to the body when doing things like playing sports, exercising, running a marathon etc. but that is not all. Sports medicine is also geared toward helping active people overcome their own hurdles and design specific training schedules and exercises that are geared specifically for their body and conditioning levels. Basically, without sports medicine, active people and athletes would not perform as well as they do now. It is because of sports medics that athletes and active people can rehabilitate after injury faster than the rest of us because their healing process is not done in a general fashion like other doctors. It is geared toward each individual.

Medicine > Sports Medicine