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Foreskin Restoration- What, Why, How

Mens Health > Foreskin Restoration- What, Why, How

The foreskin restoration is a lengthy process of growing back the skin of the penis with or without surgery. The foreskin refers to the prepuce of the penis and for many males; this is absent due to circumcision or serious injuries to the penis. Therefore, foreskin restoration is the remedy to overcome the associated problems due to such circumcision. Generally, adult males go in for this treatment.

The foreskin restoration enables the skin to grow again. One of the methods of adopting this system is by stretching the neighboring skin over the head of the penis. This then is in place with the help of a tape. Over a long period, the skin stretches over completely and the penis is in form. The basic scientific principle of stretching promotes growth is effective here.

Some men while going in for foreskin restoration use a small bell shaped instrument to cover the penis head, then as usual pull up, and tape the skin over the bell. The tension of the pulled up skin should be such that it does not hurt. Otherwise, you can use it all twenty-four hours of the day, as there is provision for easy urination while putting on the bell.

Users of this foreskin restoration method claim to have higher success rates than the normal taping one as the tension and the weight of the bell enlarges the penis and the treatment is more of a permanent one. Alternatively, you can opt for surgical ways of overcoming your penis enlargement.

The foreskin restoration greatly helps in boosting the self-esteem of the men and they experience renewed vigor, sensation and strength to carry on with their sexual life. The natural method wins over the surgical one as the skin grows new cells and a new skin covering is the result of this natural process. Therefore, men are willing to bear with the temporary discomfort or pain to erase out the pertinent problems.

Mens Health > Foreskin Restoration- What, Why, How