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How does Contraception Work?

Mens Health > How does Contraception Work?

Contraception or birth control process interrupts the process of fertilization of ovum by the sperm in the uterus. Before the advent of contraception, the best way to avoid unwanted pregnancy was either not to have sex or avoid sex between 5-17th day of the menstrual cycle. However, it never proved to be very effective. The research work over the recent years has provided us with a few good techniques of contraception.

There are various kinds of contraceptives available for both men and women in the market. Either can take these contraceptives orally as pills or you can apply them locally on your body like condoms. The contraception methods are again divided into two categories i.e. male and female contraception.

There are some temporary methods of contraception for men like condoms, as whenever there is urge to have sex and the partner is available then use condoms. This also avoids the danger of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). However, there are some methods like pills, which are to be taken regularly. Recently a pill has been invented, which brings the sperm count of male to zero. Apart from these temporary methods, there also some permanent methods like vasectomy, a male sterilization form wherein the vas deferens cut and tied to stop entering sperms into the semen.

For women, there are diaphragms and pills as common methods of contraception. Depo provera injection is also there that is to be administered once in every three months. However, the permanent method of birth control in women is tubal surgery.

Unfortunately, not a single method of contraception is 100% effective though it reduces the risk to some extent. The major reasons behind the failure rate being so high are not so easy usage of the methods and the side effects. For example, the pills taken orally have side effects like overweight or uneasiness in the initial stages or allergies. Therefore, the woman has to choose it wisely, as ultimately the women are considered primarily responsible for the birth control.

Mens Health > How does Contraception Work?