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How to Combat Erectile Dysfunction

Mens Health > How to Combat Erectile Dysfunction

The erectile dysfunction refers to the condition when a man is not able to get an erection during sexual intercourse or not able to maintain the same until the end of the intercourse. This erection requires full coordination between the circulatory, nervous, muscular, vascular and hormonal systems of the human body. There is no direct relationship between erectile dysfunction and age although the elderly may need greater stimulants.

Many causes produce erectile dysfunction. A major chunk of them is the presence of diseases like high blood pressure or hypertension, diabetes or if the arteries are hardening obstructing the easy flow of blood. Some others point to excessive dosages of strong medicines to combat previous illnesses, misbalance of hormones, excessive drinking, and smoking, intake of drugs, etc. In some cases, if you are not at ease with your sexual partner due to differences in any sphere, you may not be able to keep up your erection.

The reasons for erectile dysfunction stretch still further and many emotional factors play a major role. When you encounter bouts of depression or are perverse towards sex due to some unfortunate incidents in your early life or other familial and professional stress can make a negative impact on your sexual life.

The doctors conduct different tests of your blood and urine along with a full physical examination to arrive at the reasons for your erectile dysfunction. The medical treatment consists of oral medicines and some require injecting into the penis. In case the doctor feels that your problem is more emotional than physical, you will need therapy sessions along with your sexual partner to overcome your shortcoming.

In extreme cases of erectile dysfunction, doctors suggest surgery to correct it. Sometimes you can cure it by overcoming some problems of the urinary tract. None of these medications is for enhancing your sexual activity and relationship. Misuse may lead to further unknown depths of medical complications and you will be digging your own grave.

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Mens Health > How to Combat Erectile Dysfunction