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How to Keep Prostate Cancer Away

Mens Health > How to Keep Prostate Cancer Away

Prostate is a vital sex gland in man. Its location is the bottom of man's bladder above the rectum. It encircles the urethra where it leaves the bladder. This gland is of the size of a chestnut.

A common disorder to affect prostate is prostatitis. It results in inflammation of this gland. Usually, older men above fifty suffer from this disease. The gland starts growing at this age. It results in compression of the urethra. The flow of urine comes down as a result. The symptoms of prostatitis include a pressing need for urination, burning sensation during urination, pain in ejaculation and pain in the back as well as the pubic region.

In older men, prostatitis is more common than prostate cancer. Every man should go for regular check up after reaching the age of fifty. Expert urologists can completely cure prostatitis. They usually open up the urethra for free-flow of urine. Prostate examination is simple. It enables doctors to detect cancer at its early stage. The test includes a careful examination of the rectum and the gland through the wall of the bowel. It reveals any lumps, hardness or other kinds of abnormalities. There is another blood test at hand. This test measures the amount of Prostate Specific Antigens (PSA) in the blood stream.

The prostate gland produces the PSAs. These PSAs are proteins by nature. High quantity PSAs may be present in the blood stream due to growing age. This may also point to a serious disorder. Early detection of all these disorders helps in their easy cure.

There are both medicinal and surgical ways to cure prostate gland disorders. However, it is necessary to contact a doctor as soon as any symptom comes into notice. Proper medical checkup and taking medications would help cure this disease.

Mens Health > How to Keep Prostate Cancer Away