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Men’s health supplements should be tucked into soft loaves of homemade bread and slipped to them when they are—as usual—preoccupied. If only more men would read up on the risks they take by not getting health checkups, not taking any preventative measures, and not taking any health supplements to make up for the deficit behavior…. But since they don’t do any of these (a great portion of them don’t, anyway) we are going to have to nudge them a bit.

Clearly, their health is as important women’s, yet the general consensus has it that they too often neglect themselves, especially when they do not have someone to nudge them, nurture them, care for or care about them. Men’s health supplements are a harmless—once a day--nudge. And for now, so am I. This article (as well as a number of other articles) will focus on men as they should be focused on—will give them attention and will give attention to the health concerns they should have in ways they might not care to.

Prioritization is something most of us are naturally good at. But since what we prioritize is just as important as how we do it, it must be noted that when anyone puts his own well-being last on the list, it might eventually be the top-listed items and people that suffer. Men’s health supplements is trying to undo this likelihood, but working to make ends meet, working to support a family, entertaining and dedicating time to family and friends, and then working some more…. Is what most men choose, thereby challenging the probabilities that these activities might eventually negatively contribute to the need for a man to at some point cry out that he needs time to himself.

Yes! He needs to know that taking time for selfish things is taking time for selfless things. His health in tact will ensure he can go on entertaining, providing, nurturing, and partying. His health in tact means he will not suffer and will not have to share his suffering by being (begrudgingly dependent upon others because he neglected his health, failed to even glance at the Men’s health supplements his friend snuck into his briefcase or lunchbox and now is helpless.

For instance, the number of areas covered that should get attention (and that would do quite a bit better with simple men’s health supplements)--weight, liver, vision, teeth, heart, prostrate, bone joints and muscles, sexual equipment, stomach--are, sadly, neglected. Is it because men feel selfish if they take time out to attend regularly scheduled appointments? Is it because men get wrapped up in enjoying or consumed by doing the twelve hundred other daily duties that the last thing they would remember is a dental cleaning or a blood pressure check?

Men’s health supplements would replace some of the missing nutrients, would prevent some of the risks, ones that are revealed—in general terms—in the statistics: men are four times less likely to see a doctor than women. This is according to Dr. Hilary Jones at netdoctor.co.uk. At the same time, however, 45% of all men are overweight, and one third of them are termed clinically obese; 7 out of 8 carry at least one risk toward heart disease and/or stroke; and of all men with high blood pressure, only 25% use a medication to control it.

So it is shame? Control? Or is it the invincibility syndrome at any age that takes over and prevents men from preventing such health problems, illness, disorders, and diseases as hypertension, peptic ulcer, heart attack, cancer…. I will ask this again, in the next ten articles, hoping to get a response. And I will work on ways to sneak men’s health supplements into their beer bottles without them knowing.

Mens Health > Men’s Health Supplements