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Testosterone: The Manly Molecule

Mens Health > The Manly Molecule

Testosterone is the principal male hormone. Men’s hormonal make up keeps changing with age. At times, the amount of freely circulating testosterone goes down significantly. The clinical term for this disorder is hypogonadism. Over four million American men suffer from this disorder. Its major symptoms include decrease in sex drive, depression, fatigue, erectile dysfunction, increased irritability, and increased breast size. Long presence of this disorder results in loss of muscle and bone

Earlier, taking synthetic testosterone was a way to treat hypogonadism. However, these synthetic supplements were not quite effective. They also resulted in adverse physical and emotional effects.

Different types of gels are available in the market for increasing testosterone level in the body. ‘Androgel’ is an easy to apply gel that is becoming very popular these days. Unimed Pharmaceuticals, an Illinois-based pharmaceutical company produces it. A patient can smear or rub this quick drying gel onto the skin of the shoulders, upper arms and abdomen. The skin readily absorbs it. It slowly seeps into the blood stream. The gel serves as a reservoir for the hormone.

You can get ‘Androgel’ from a doctor or pharmacist by prescription. The gel provides consistent levels of testosterone to the blood. It also ensures that there are no physical and emotional effects. Studies show that its use improves sexual function significantly. Besides, it helps in increasing the muscle strength without causing irritation and body fat. Another VigraPlus. It is repotedly quick acting and can help sustain an erection for upto 4 hours.

However, increased levels of testosterone, in men having normal levels can cause serious damage to the liver. It increases the cholesterol levels in the body. Sometimes it also increases the growth of existing prostate problems.It is not associated with penis enlargement

If the testosterone level is normal in the body, there is no use of adding more to it. Increasing it will not help a man getting stronger and better. In fact, abnormal increase may lead to some complications only. Therefore, it is advisable to be careful. You should not abuse your body in an effort to improve what you already have.

Mens Health > The Manly Molecule