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Abuse Survivors- How to come out of your Nightmare

Mental Health > How to come out of your Nightmare

The abuse survivors require the maximum emotional support from their concerned and understanding partners to come out of their traumatic past. They are the victims of insane and brutal beings who treat sex as some animal instinct, underestimating its real beauty. This intolerable instinct is their obsession and they will go to any extent to satisfy their cravings. The abuse survivors are at the receiving end of their onslaught.

The society shirks from the responsibility of the abuse survivors. It believes that you need two for tango and therefore the victims are a party to the abuse. However, reality paints a completely different picture. Abuse survivors face ostracism for no fault of theirs. This leads the victims into further deeper areas of the pits into which they already are.

It becomes very difficult for abuse survivors to enjoy sex in the real sense of the word. They begin to shirk away from it, viewing it more as a forceful punishment. Even in a new relationship, they are not able to connect sexually to their endearing partners as the abuse memories haunt them whenever they indulge in sexual activities. They feel machine-like with no individual desires or feelings.

The first step towards rehabilitation for the abuse survivors is to engulf oneself in to a safe atmosphere, both physically and mentally. They can create certain imaginary safe places within the house. They should establish and maintain regular contacts with whomsoever they feel safe.
The abuse survivors may take a lot of time to come out of their defensive cocoon to develop even simple pleasures of touching, hugging or maintaining eye contacts with their lovers. Their abuse in the past makes them feel alien from their body. They need to develop the instincts to arouse, initiate and enjoy sex with their soul mates to erase the tormenting memories.

Mental Health > How to come out of your Nightmare