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Mental Health Defined

Mental Health > Mental Health Defined

Mental health concerns are fast getting as much attention as flu vaccines, and for good reason. It is commonplace for at least 40% of the population to have some sort of mental disorder or another. The most commonly diagnosed mental health problems are centered around post traumatic stress disorder, depression, and chronic anxiety disorder. For some reason, these disorders are so popular and over used, that not only are they acceptable, they are the trendsetting norm for mental health issues and concerns.

Depression is over used in the psychiatric community and many people are using it as a means of justifying many of their short comings. The fact is that because some mental health disorders are so commonly used, they are rarely acknowledged as serious disorders anymore. That is a sad things because it undermines the problems that these conditions can create. In spite of the fact that many of the mental disorders that people suffer from these days are quite popular, there are many others that are just as popular and common, but are also less treated. The reason is because some of the other disorders are not as acceptable or “normal”.

Maintaining good mental health is just as important as maintaining your physical health. Doing so requires much of the same upkeep as well. Good mental health requires that your body is in good physical health. Since certain foods can create mood swings in some, it is good to maintain balanced nutrition as well as physical fitness and good emotional care. Many mental disorders are attributed to a poor emotional care. You should always be sure to take care of your emotional needs as many mental disorders stem from traumas and emotional problems. Regularly visit your doctor and keep an eye open for symptoms of disinterest in daily activities, mood swings, lapses in time, and fatigue. If any of these occur, you should consult a doctor.

Mental Health > Mental Health Defined