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Maintaining good mental health is usually the last thing on any person’s mind. That is because most people do not realize exactly mental health is all about. Mental health is not as taboo a subject as it once was. These days, people are more likely to get treated for various mental problems that they may suffer than they used to. The most commonly treated issues are depression, chronic anxiety disorders, and various phobias. However great this may be, there is still a stigma attached to many mental health problems, such as schizophrenia, MPD (multiple personality disorders), and paranoid psychotic behaviors. Because of these stigmas, many people are not treated until it is too late.

Although seeking therapy for various traumas and phobias is commonplace, still many people repress or shy away from seeking treatment for so long that they develop mental health problems as a result of it later on in life. The refusal to face certain traumas is generally out of embarrassment, fear or shame. It is sad that this fear still exists, but it does. It is common for most people to try to explain away any symptoms that might suggest that they may be having some mental problems because of the fear of isolation and ostracism from their community, but the fact of the matter is that 20%-30% of the people in every community across the nation suffer from some sort of mental health issue.

If you experience commons symptoms such as preferred isolation, fatigue, problems concentrating, unexplained fear, and chronic mood swings, you may need to see a doctor or psychiatrist. These symptoms don’t guarantee that you have a problem, but it is better to know for sure than to ignore it. The reason why the stigmas about mental health exist is because it is generally the worst case scenarios that you hear about. Worst case scenarios come about because many people refuse to seek treatment or even testing to see if any mental health problems exist until it is too late. The physical state of a body can also be a major factor your mental health that is why it is your responsibility to eat balanced nutrition and get regular exercise, as well as regular checkups from your doctor.

Mental Health > Mental Health Today