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Psychologists- They Know What Makes People Happy

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Psychologists are professionals who study and practice psychology, a science dedicated to human mind, body and behavior. Psychologists study animal behavior too. However, they do this mainly for comparison with human mind and behavior. Usually psychologists apply both scientific and non-scientific method in practical psychology. They infer the problem after applying different tools of psychology and they advice patients for some kind of therapy or exercise for their cure. Psychologists cannot prescribe drugs, as they are not qualified physicians.

Psychologists do a lot of research, data collection and validation for inferring a point. The working domain of psychologists can be hospital, sanatorium, clinic, prison, school or any other establishment. There are a number of categories under which Psychologists can be classified.

The various categories of psychologists are:

  • Clinical psychologist – One who helps the mentally disturbed patients to adjust to their lives and also helps critically ill and injured people to cope-up with their daily ordeal
  • Counseling psychologist – One who works mostly in university counseling centers, hospitals etc and uses communication tools to advise people to deal with everyday problems
  • School psychologist – One who works with school children to know their behavior and learning problems
  • Industrial organizational psychologist – One who applies various methodologies to improve productivity and working conditions
  • Developmental psychologist – One who studies physiological as well as the social development of a person in his whole life
  • Social psychologist – One who examines people's behavior to one another in a social environment
  • Research psychologist – One who studies difference in behavior processes between men and animals

Psychologists had 139,000 jobs in 2002. Out of which, around 40,000 were employed for counseling in educational institutions, while 15,000 worked for the Federal Government by exploiting their expertise in public hospitals and clinics. More than 50,000 were self-employed. In the coming years the prospect of psychologists, will further grow.

The industry wise classification of employing psychologists based on salaries earned is- working with other medical practitioners ($59,600), Elementary and secondary schools ($54,480), Offices of physicians ($51,140), Outpatient care centers ($44,010), and Individual and family services ($37,490). Many people help psychologists in their noble profession. Some of them are- special education teachers, clergy, social workers, counselors, Sociologists and physicians.

Mental Health > They Know What Makes People Happy