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Shark Cartilage


Shark cartilage is prepared from fresh sharks caught out of the Pacific Ocean. It is pulverized, sterilized and put into capsules. Binders or fillers may or may not be used in the capsule making process. Shark cartilage supplements are used as an adjuvant treatment for cancer. It is said to work by preventing the tumor from growing its own blood vessels, a process called angiogenesis.

Without a good blood supply, the tumor cannot get the nourishment it needs to survive and grow. Unfortunately, no good studies have been done in humans to support this theory. Shark cartilage has also been used in the past for arthritis, however, other supplements available today are more effective. Side effects have not been reported from the use of shark cartilage. It should not be used however, in patients who have heart disease, are pregnant or are building muscle through a body building program or through normal childhood growth because of the angiogenesis properties.

Interactions have not been reported but again, information is very limited. Deficiency is not expected since this is not an essential nutrient. Toxicity has not been seen. A typical daily dose ranges from 7-10 grams. More research is needed, however, to support the use of shark cartilage for the treatment of cancer.

Mental Health > supplements-vitamins: Shark Cartilage