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Tips on Combating Mood Disorders

Mental Health > Tips on Combating Mood Disorders

Mood disorders refer to behavioral changes that could be in the form of anxiety, depression, feeling worthless, irritability etc, which last more than two weeks. One of the most important tools for diagnosing a mood disorder is through observation, hence the highly subjective nature of this condition.

There are various types of mood disorders namely, Major Depressive Disorder, Dysthymic Disorder, Bipolar Disorder and Cyclothymic Disorder. The most common form is the Major Depressive Disorder and its symptoms could be emotional or psychological such as depressed mood, or losing interest in activities previously enjoyed. There could also be physical symptoms such as loss or gain in weight, insomnia, loss or increase in appetite.

Of all the age groups this condition can affect, one needs to take special care of the teenage population. As teenagers are undergoing so many physical, emotional and social changes that parents often ignore or assume a mood swing as a phase of growing up. It is important to observe any unusual behavior or change in behavior. Statistics point out that 14% of children experience a depression below the age of 15, and the majority of them are girls. More importantly quite a few are suicidal.

With increasing pressures of family and social life, more and more children at a rather young age are experiencing this disorder. Having observed a mood disorder in your child your first step is to call a psychologist who can diagnose the condition such that effective treatment can be started. If left undiagnosed it could affect your child for life and could even prove fatal, as suicide is the most common form of death after accidents and homicide.

Thus as parents it should be our top priority to spend quality time with our children, to ensure that they are growing up healthy and happy. It is also important not to stress them out over little issues, as all seem trivial before the ultimate goal, happiness.

Mental Health > Tips on Combating Mood Disorders