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Types, Risk Factors and Treatments of Eating Disorders

Mental Health > Types, Risk Factors and Treatments of Eating Disorders

When you indulge in excessive eating or refuse to eat enough, both ways it refers to eating disorders. It is the same case when you employ serious measures to cut down on your weight to maintain your physical figure. Therefore, eating disorders cause extensive harm to both body, brain, and may prove to be a threat to your worldly existence.

There are three main types of eating disorders. They are Anorexia, Bulimia and Binge-eating. They arise due to psychological, emotional and certain social behavioral patterns. The measuring units for any such disturbances are food and therefore, you then associate or relate any event or emotional upheavals with your intake of food. If you are into depression or are having anxious moments regarding anything, you express the resultant stress in the form of low, high or no intake of food. This depicts radar less sail over murky waters.

There is no special age or sex barrier for eating disorders. If children receive adequate education on such unnecessary habits at school itself, then the problem will cease to be one. Besides, society should shun the idea of a lean figure as the ultimate in beauty. You can talk it over with your family, loved ones, and understand the fact that proper eating is essential for your survival.

Anorexia refers to when you are averse to eating and try to eat little quantities over a very long period. You refuse to acknowledge the hunger pangs and instead get excessively disturbed over a miniscule weight gain. Bulimia is another adverse condition when you eat very large quantities very quickly and then induce artificial vomiting or use laxatives. Binge eating is a condition when you are unable to control your eating.

All the eating disorders will cause immense physical weakness coupled with emotional outbursts, dehydration, stomach problems and in some cases leads to cardiac problems, blood pressure, anemia and possible death. Overall, all the disorders call for proper medication and extensive counseling.

Mental Health > Types, Risk Factors and Treatments of Eating Disorders